What is a plumcot?

A plumcot (or plumcots) is a natural cross hybrid between plums and apricots, and exhibit many plum like traits. The plumcot was created by American horticulturist Luther Burbank. There are now several varieties of this fruit, all of which are a cross of these two fruits. The plumcot has an intensely sweet and fruity flavour that, though akin to that of its parents, is likened to an incomparable blend of fruit juices. The true plumcot, with its generally equal heritage of plum and apricot, has a plumlike shape, smooth, dark red skin and an almost spicy flesh. In cooking, a plumcot can be used very similarly to a plum or other stone fruit. Plumcot cobbler or crisp can be an equally tasty alternative for traditional peach versions. For delicious, fruity muffins, use plumcot juice to water down muffin batter and place a slice of the fruit into each muffin top while baking.

plucots hybrid fruit apricut plum


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