String Quartets

Planning for great ambience at your next corporate Christmas function

soldier string quartet playing music

(pictured above: Soldier String Quartet)

For most people, music is a form of expression and can be a nice addition for corporate events. Although music can be played through your DVD, ipod, a live DJ on the floor you can even opt to hire string quartet musicians to play live. Guests at the party usually enjoy live music. A string quartet like String Musicians Australia gives you the touch of being very personal in the way they touch your heart yet keeping an event formal and enjoyable. You can even customize the music and dedicate something special to your employees.

Corporate events are those events that are organized by offices for their staff. These events are significant in a way that they have a certain goal attached to it. A corporate event could be of several kinds. It can range from induction parties, to sales meets, team bonding exercises, off-sites or events organized on a particular festival or season like a Christmas party. The goal of most of these corporate events is to either create new relationships or to strengthen the existing ones. These could be both within the organization and with external stakeholders. Huge corporates have started customizing these events for their staff. Right from the selection of the venue for these events, selection of food, drinks and functions to happen throughout an event can be customized.

Although live music at corporate functions are performed differently, the most popular form of live music is the string quartet . What is a string quartet ? As the name suggests, it is a band that consists of four stringed instruments. A string quartet usually has two violins, a viola and a cello. The people that play these instruments are well trained musicians who can play any form of music for you. The beauty of string quartets like is that they sound like a mini orchestra and classical, jazz, pop, instrumental and all form of modern music can be played. These can be beautifully adapted to any kind of music form. A lot of the musicians who are part of this string quartet have played at professional orchestras before.

You should ensure that during your string quartet hire , the company that you choose - such as should have well experienced musicians. If they are trained well, they provide you very good quality music and can sometimes even customize the music to suit your individual taste or suit the theme of your corporate Christmas do and add to the spirit of the party. Given the wide range of music that can be played by the corporate music experts, the administration usually chooses to have them, to make an occasion look and feel more personal. This makes for great ambience and gives your staff something to talk about throughout the year. It also reflects on the quality of your work and leaves a good impression on your seniors if you manage to customize the ambience of your corporate Christmas do and infuse the Christmas cheer.


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