Danpalon Polycarbonate

5 Reasons to consider Danpalon for your next major building project

string quartet instrumentsAre you considering building your next major building project? If yes, then knowing what will make the quality of your construction good is something that you will have to keep in mind. You have obviously have planned who the architect will be, where you will source the materials required for construction and who will be using the building after it has come up. Of course your reputation also depends on the quality and infrastructure you provide in your building. You want to own the construction company of choice which is known for its superior value. Apart from the quality construction material you have decided to use, it would be good to note that Danpalon is being used very extensively in modern day constructions and has become essential for any big project.

This is better known as Light Architecture and these are polycarbonate panels that are manufactured through an extrusion process. These provide light control, natural light and visual calm. These are translucent panels.


The 5 main reasons to consider using Danpalon carbonate for your prestigious projects are:

  • It regulates the quality of light and gives you brilliant lighting by conserving energy. These panels also present UV protection against harsh sunlight
  • It provides thermal insulation thereby regulating temperature in any building. This is especially good in areas that either receive too much sun or are air conditioned
  • They can be used in various different ways, by alternating translucent with transparent to provide natural lighting. This alternating panels provide a stunning display of light and colors during the night
  • These panels can be used in a wide variety of different ways such as facades, roofing, partitions and cladding. These can be internal or external
  • Danpalon carbonate is also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, each suited to a different kind of construction

So now no matter what your construction need is Danpalon will become an invaluable part of all your large construction projects.


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