Fit a rain water tank to your home and start saving water

Round Poly Rain Water Tanks

Many residents across Brisbane, Sydney and other Australian cities and towns are making a strong effort to save money in the budget. They may be refinancing their home mortgage loan, taking a brown bag lunch to work and making numerous other efforts to reduce their expenses. When it comes to your home utilities, however, you may think that there isn’t much room to save a significant amount of money in some areas. After all, you have to use water through the course of your daily life, and there is a cost associated with this. The fact is, however, that when you fit rain water tanks to your home, you can save a significant amount of money. 

1. Home Landscaping 

There are many ways that you can save money throughout the home with water tanks. One of the areas where the most significant amount of water is used on resident properties is with landscaping. Slimline tanks, poly tanks and other tanks can be fitted to the gutters of your home. These and other styles of water tanks may have a spigot that you can connect your water hose too. When it rains, the tanks will fill up, and the water can be stored until you need it. Because of the spigot, accessing this water is easy to do. Because this water is free to use, you can save a considerable amount of money.

2. In the Bathroom

Many Australians also use many litres of water in the bathroom by flushing the toilet, bathing and brushing their teeth each day. Steel tanks, underground water tanks (see here: and other styles can be fitted to the home, and this can be installed in a design that connects to the bathroom pipes. Any water that will be used for drinking should be purified or filtered, so this will need to be included in the design system.

3. Cooking and Cleaning

In your home, you may also use water for cooking and cleaning purposes. When you install poly tanks or other styles of water tanks in your home, you can install a system that runs water to your kitchen, your laundry room and other areas of the home. The rain can fill your tanks on a regular basis, and you can draw from the rain water stored in the tanks as needed. This means that any time you wash your clothes, your dishes or perform other tasks, you will be able to use free rain water.

If you make the decision to install a tank system on your property, you should consider The Water Tank Factory, found online at The company carries a great selection of tanks, and a system that meets your needs can be designed and installed. Once installed, you can easily start saving money. With a large system installed, it may be possible for your tank to fully meet your needs for water. This may even mean that you never have to pay a water bill again.


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