GRP Pipes and Metal Pipes Comparison


We will talk about a comparison between GRP pipes and metal pipes. We will understand the advantages of a GRP pipe in comparison to metal pipes. Firstly, we should know what a pipe is and what the use of a pipe is. A pipe is a hollow cylinder which is used for conveying liquids and fluids. These pipes are sometimes used for huge commercial constructions and installations. A pipe should have the ability to allow smooth flow of liquids or fluids, it should have a smooth non-absorbent surface, it should be free from rust and corrosion, should be very strong. The strength of these pipes is measured by their outer diameter and thickness.

hobas grp pipePipes should have a long life and installation should be easy. Normally GRP pipes or glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes have these characteristics. GRP Pipes are made out of glass fiber or resin making them very light weight. These are very durable and are inert in nature. These GRP pipes also have high tensile strength and low density as well as high mechanical resistance. These pipes are resistant to corrosion and are also resistant to scaling. They are also flexible in nature making them easier to install. The joints are lesser and the pipe can be laid for longer distances. These GRP pipes have a very long life and are almost maintenance free. HOBAS manufactures the best quality CC GRP pipes better known as centrifugally cast glass fiber reinforced pipe.


metal water pipeMetal pipes are known to be damaged by temperature changes such as freezing and condensation. They also corrode and have become extremely expensive to manufacture. They are not flexible and have to be cut while installing therefore the process to install these metal pipes becomes very tedious. It takes a longer time to be installed as compared to GRP pipes. If the metal pipe is a galvanized steel pipe the possibility of lead contamination is very high. GRP pipes have several advantages over the metal pipes and understanding these differences will allow for better informed decision making.


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