Hard Floor Camper Trailers vs Standard Camper Trailers

Helping you choose the right camper for your needs and budget

aluminium camper trailer behind 4wdWhile on a camping holiday you must ensure that you get good sleep. If you do not sleep well then you are more likely not to enjoy all the activities you have planned during your holidays. So installing your tent correctly allows you a good, relaxed sleep. Setting up a camper trailer tent has to be done in the right way. This is the tent that you will be sleeping in. So setting it up for safety and comfort is vital. There is an instruction manual that is available to you from the camping trailer seller. Make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. The manufacturer's instructions are dependent on the kind of camper trailer you own. Different camping trailers will be installed in different ways.

One more consideration is whether or not your camping trailer is a hard floor trailer or not. The advantage of having a hard floor camper trailer is the fact that, it has a sturdier base and is more versatile to use. The hard floor can act as a side panel to keep as a kitchen slab. In fact, there are several pull out features which are possible in a hard floor camping trailer . This surface is easier to sleep on though it lacks of space. A hard floor camper trailer is particularly useful when on rough terrain. On terrains where it has rained the hard floor camper trailers are more advantageous. Hard floor camper trailers are usually faster to set up. They are also easier attached by a towbar to your four wheel drive. They remain sturdy and the towbar is fixed firmly in place (you can read more about towbars and towing safety here).

However the disadvantages of having hard floor camper trailers are the fact that they are not only costlier than you regular camper trailer but that they also have much lesser storage space. It is due to this restriction in space that some people, who are using their trailers for shorter journeys on better terrain, prefer the regular camping trailers .

The main considerations to keep in mind while scouting for the off road camper for yourself is:

  • The destination which you intend to go to or travel to. If it is a closer location where there is less irregular weather, then it makes more sense to opt for the regular camping trailers. In case you are choosing to travel to a far off places be sure to check about the weather. In case there are chances of rains, then your choice would preferably be hard floor off road campers (such as those available here This is easier to set up and dismantle since being a hard floor trailer it does not take much time to clean it. Also the hard surface makes for a clean and comfortable sleeping space in the rains
  • The duration of your travel is another important consideration while choosing the camper trailer . How long will you be on the road? Do you need an off road camper trailer or do you need an outback model? This decision is driven by the duration of your stay. I'd recommend when looking ofr a camper trailer that you consider which have a good range and are quite well priced.

Although there is a significant cost difference however using all these parameters to make your decisions will definitely give you the confidence to choose the right product based on your needs and you will surely get the best value for your money.


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