Window Tinting

Tinting your windows provides protection from the sun and extra protection from intruders

tinted home windows

With eco-friendly homes becoming the rage an aspect that cannot be ignored to make your home eco-friendly is window tinting . We will understand how tinting can make your home a better and more comfortable environment to live in. Basically window tinting is done by covering a window with a layer of coloured film. This film is an anti-reflective layer pasted on to a flat glass surface to reduce the penetration of the sun's rays. It also filters out harmful ultra violet and infra red rays as well, thereby providing a cooling effect to the environment.

Covering your windows with a layer of film to tint your windows not only allows the light inside your home and makes it bright, it at the same time keep the temperature cooler. If you have air conditioning at home, the air conditioning becomes more effective and thereby saves electricity costs. Additionally tinted windows do not give a view of the home inside providing better protection from intruders who cannot look into your house and identify any loop holes they can use to come into your home. It makes a home a safer place by allowing you complete privacy. Intruders are of several types especially burglars, trespassers and peeping toms. All of these intruders are always seeking to get information about the activities happening in your home. If your windows are tinted they would not be able to get a clear picture as to when the house has occupants, or is lonely or things happening inside the house. This makes things just so much easier and life so much safer.

Window tinting has now become very popular and with rising temperatures each day and the environment getting warmer and warmer each year, tinting your windows both at home and at your office has now become very important. So there are more and more people providing tinting services to their clients. A few pointers to having your windows tinted would be:

  • Choose a professional window tinting service like This is not an easy job and cannot be done properly by an amateur. Professionals such as window tinting Brisbane services have trained personnel to do the job for you. These trained personnel have several years of experience in doing the job and would help you make the right choice of film according to your individual requirements
  • Choosing the right film for tinting is also very important. A good quality film should be chosen otherwise it defeats the purpose of tinting windows. There are different types of films available in the market. There are graphic films, anti-graffiti and mercury coated films. The choice of the film would depend on the individual requirement
  • Lastly the brand you choose should give you complete value for money. 3M window tinting films are very renowned for their fine quality. Professionals such as Window Tinting Gold Coast services at can provide you the best service at the best prices by using good quality films such as 3M window tinting films



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