Tow Bar Safety

Safety measures to take when towing a caravan or heavy trailer

porsche towing a caravan with a towbar

What is the importance of choosing the right towbar for your towing needs? The first answer to that question would be safety. Yes, safety is of prime importance and the foremost criteria to consider while choosing a towbar. I'd recommend asking for advice from a towbar company like, which should be able to assist you with choosing the correct towbar. The choice of your towbar will also be dictated by whether you want to use that towbar for a van, a pick-up truck or an SUV. The towbars should be versatile enough to pull anything right from a trailer to a caravan especially the heavy duty caravans used for rubbish removal. While deciding to buy a towbar, you must make sure that is a good brand that comes with a guarantee. If it is a good brand, then you can get help from the store by discussing the specifications of the vehicle that you want to install the towbar in and the specifications of what you want to attach to your vehicle. They will give you advice on the right kind of towbar suited to your needs and whether it should be a heavy duty or regular towbar. There are many good tow bar brands and installers especially in Brisbane, like and they can give you the right advice on the safety measures that you need to adhere to while towing a caravan or a heavy trailer. It is not good to throw caution to the wind in such cases and extreme safety has to be exercised.

Driving a simple four wheel drive is very different from driving a four wheel drive with a caravan or a trailer attached to it. The first most important precaution to observe is to check your tow bar that attaches the caravan or the trailer to the four wheel drive. Make sure it is fixed well. Also while towing a heavy caravan or trailer, make sure you have enough practice to drive both together. It would be good to thoroughly practice reversing and turning the vehicle. The driver should be very well versed and confident of his driving skills. Ensure that the trailer is connected well to the towing vehicle and there are no loose connections. Ensure that you read all the manual and guides and adhere to all the rules they mention.

Do not overload the vehicle at all. Overloading the vehicle causes accidents most certainly. The trailer should not be tilted frequently. The equipment on the trailer should be kept in such a way that it does not tilt and cause damage to the equipment or vehicle. Tongue weight should be maintained correctly. If the tongue weight is not correct it can cause the vehicle to be damaged. It is also very important to attach safety chains to the coupler. In case something goes wrong with the coupler the safety chains will be there to hold the coupler in place. The nuts on the wheel should be correctly torqued and it must be checked that the tyres of the vehicle are properly blown up. Last but not the least it is good to ensure that all the lights of the vehicle are working fine. This helps avoiding any sort of mishaps or accidents.


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